Website Design

Jacksonville Florida Web Design Company

All websites Are Search Engine Friendly!

Your website is built search engine ready from the ground up. This makes for effecient addition of your custom key-worded content during the content phase of your site's development.

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Layout
    Lower source code per page for engines to crawl through when crawling your pages
  • Full utilization of source code and file name attributes
    Maximization of key worded meta, image, head tags, source files, etc.
  • Primarily organic content and elements
    By having much of a site's elements as text (referred to as organic content) search engines can crawl and digest almost every element of each page. The overall amount of content will reveal to the search engine web crawlers, (also know as "bots" or "spiders") what your site is about and play a role in your site's search engine ranking.

All Whiplash Web Design Services Include:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
    Monitor site health, search engine friendliness, etc.
  • Google Analytics
    View or monitor visitor statistics and more